Meat Sales

Our small flock of Wiltshire composite and Wiltipoll sheep is reared naturally, slowly and with lots of love on our rich Gippsland pasture. This enables us to produce a meat that is lean, tender and full of flavor. By concentrating on quality rather than quantity we hope to sell our Prime Lamb straight from the paddock as they come to weight between 6 to 12 months of age (February to August). We can arrange private meat sales of whole Lamb Packs to be collected from selected butchers (after the meat has been delivered to them by an accredited local abattoir). Processing and pick-up is available through some excellent butchers in Wonthaggi, Korumburra, Leongatha, and San Remo. Delivery to the Melbourne area is currently not available.

Lamb Packs

The butcher processes the whole dressed carcass into standard cuts that usually include legs, shanks, cutlets, loin chops, chump chops, BBQ (forequarter) chops, neck & breast flap. Special orders such as rack of lamb, forequarter roast, boned cuts, and sausages can also be arranged. To keep costs down, cuts for each Lamb Pack are bagged fresh by the butcher and then placed in one of our cardboard boxes for collection on the designated date.

Prices for a Standard Lamb Pack vary according to processing costs and are based on the Whole Dressed Weight (on av. between 16 and 24kg). We are happy to invoice regular customers after this has been confirmed and the Lamb Pack has been collected. New customers may be required to pay $100 deposit on making a confirmed order, with the balance due after the Lamb Pack has been collected. Payment may be made by cheque or EFT (details provided in your invoice).

Please note – we pay each butcher for processing our Lamb Packs and then invoice our customers. The butcher DOES NOT collect payment on our behalf.

Please email us to enquire about our next Lamb Pack Sale or to place an order.

Requests for Lamb Packs must be made via email and potential customers will be placed on our Waiting List. When we are ready to arrange another sale, customers on our list will be contacted with the arranged collection date and asked to confirm their order.

Milk Fed Lamb

We are also able to supply a small number of four to six month old lambs when they are weaned mid January to early February. The meat from these lambs is particularly succulent as their diet still includes milk from the ewes. We will be charging a few dollars more per kilogram for these Lamb Packs, which are likely to have a Whole Dressed Weight of between 12 and 16kg. Orders will need to be placed by 31st December 2019.


For those who prefer the flavour of one to two year old sheep, we can arrange to keep a few sheep on our property for later sales. Please email us if you are interested.