Nestled in the Glen Alvie hills above the Lance Creek reservoir, our property Tan-y-brÿn is a testament to sustainable modern farming. One hundred acres of native revegetation and long rotation plantation timber is complemented by forty acres of highly productive pasture.

To graze the pasture and keep the plantation weeds and grass under control, we produce Wiltipolls, a hardy fleece-shedding meat sheep initially bred from Wiltshire Horns. These sheep are relatively low maintenance as they shed their fleece during spring and do not require shearing or crutching. The breed is very productive and well suited to the rich pasture and wet weather of South Gippsland.

We have developed our farm to produce a quality product and would like to share this opportunity. Please check the Livestock Sales or Meat Sales to see what we currently have on offer. Our Sheep provides further information on Wiltipoll and Wiltshire Horn breeds, and looks at where we are heading with our flock. Or just for fun, follow our blog under our Sheep Stories.

Sheep on Hill Crop