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Wiltipoll E&LOur aim is to improve the production of sheep on our property by introducing Wiltipoll sheep. We became members of Wiltipoll Stud Breeders Australia and started our own ASSBA registered Wiltipoll flock.  Wiltipoll sheep are predominantly Wiltshire Horns that have been crossed with other breeds to produce a clean shedding, quality meat sheep without horns.  The Wiltshire meat is lean and tender with an excellent flavour, and producers of Wiltshire Horn and Wiltipoll Sheep are creating a niche market for fantastic tasting lamb. The sheep are hardy, well suited to the Australian climate, and very productive, often producing twins and sometimes triplets.  As they are a hair sheep that sheds the winter coat each spring, there is no need for the additional maintenance of shearing, crutching, mulesing or dipping. This makes them an ideal breed for small holders and hobby farmers.

Wiltshire Horn

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Wiltshire Horns are a British sheep thought to have been developed from an ancient breed dating back to Roman times. They are a hardy, large framed, horned sheep that produces a quality lean meat with excellent flavour. As they naturally shed their fleece each spring, this eliminates the need for shearing or crutching. Both the rams and the ewes have horns; however when crossed with other breeds can produce poll sheep (no horns).  The Wiltipoll breed has been developed from Wiltshire Horn stock and must carry a minimum of 96.87% Wiltshire Horn Blood.


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