Our boys

Our Boys

Our first ram, Roger, was a little too woolly for our liking so early in 2012 he was retired to a neighbour’s farm. Randolf, our other Wiltshire Horn/Dorper cross, seems to have more of the Wiltshire in him and sheds cleanly. He has produced some beautiful lambs, mostly polls. We also have Barry from Berwick (a pure Dorper, with some saddle), Doug the Dorper (a good clean shedder), and Fred (our Wiltipoll ram lamb from the Gee Tee Stud at Gunbower in northern Victoria). When we join our maiden 2011 ewes in March next year, we hope he will bring to our flock the good Wiltshire characteristics we admire, but without the horns. He has adjusted well to the change from the drier, open landscape near Echuca to his new home in our green hills. Currently he is hanging out with the older rams and two of our young 2011 rams we have for sale. Recently they have made themselves useful clearing some long grass in the “garden” behind our house.

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